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Here are some pictures that were taken at Mallory Park race circuit in the UK on Boxing Day.

Yes, it was very cold, about 2 deg C. The plan was just to take a couple of pictures on the sidecar, but the driver unexpectedly took me for a trip around the paddock and because my partner didn't know where we had gone he just had to wait for our return and therefore there are no pics of the ride which I was very disappointed about. When we went for a walk through the paddock another guy asked for some pictures to be taken on his bike which we did. The final shots were taken in a truck which I was offered to change in. I wonder why!!!
Later this year we have arranged another visit to the track and I plan to ride around the circuit on the back of a bike, naked of course, and then do a paddock walk about. I'm really looking forward to seeing how long I can stay nude during that visit.
Tigress xxxxxxx

tigress66.jpg tigress67.jpg tigress68.jpg tigress69.jpg tigress70.jpg
tigress71.jpg tigress72.jpg tigress73.jpg tigress74.jpg tigress75.jpg
tigress76.jpg tigress77.jpg tigress78.jpg tigress79.jpg tigress80.jpg
tigress81.jpg tigress82.jpg tigress83.jpg tigress84.jpg

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