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dear nip/fip enthusiasts,
what is happening at this website is marvelous, for many reasons.

my wife and i have been taking fip/nip pictures for all of our 30-year marriage, but without digital cameras and the internet we have had only our photo albums.

if the owners of the site are agreeable, and there is interest by those visiting the site, we will post pictures through the years from our albums, going back in time.

the first set were taken just a few weeks ago, in our garden.

unfortunately, emma-jane does want her face shown, but maybe this will change in time.

if you wish to contact me, my address is: gaboak2003@yahoo.co.uk

emmajane001.jpg emmajane002.jpg emmajane003.jpg emmajane004.jpg emmajane005.jpg
emmajane006.jpg emmajane007.jpg emmajane008.jpg emmajane009.jpg emmajane010.jpg
emmajane011.jpg emmajane012.jpg emmajane013.jpg emmajane014.jpg

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