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hi folks,
inspired by nicky and lizzy, heather and i decided to take and post a few pictures.

we have played these games a bit over many years, but this is the first time they have been "shown in public"!
first, here are the ones we took outside our house to "prove" heather's id! remember it is winter now in the southern hemisphere!!
on this first foray, it was a very cold evening - well, by our standards it was cold - and we went to the pub for a drink.

no flashing occurred in the pub - but here are some pictures of what happened in the carpark and on the way home - as well as some pictures of what happened when we got home!

heather and john

heather001.jpg heather002.jpg heather003.jpg heather004.jpg heather005.jpg
heather006.jpg heather007.jpg heather008.jpg heather009.jpg heather010.jpg
heather011.jpg heather012.jpg heather013.jpg heather014.jpg heather015.jpg

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