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Here are more pictures of me nude in public. No one came around during the photo shoot, but I do have a funny story.

After the pictures were taken I discovered that I had left my sunglasses back where we took the pictures. We had to walk back about a mile to get them. This is the third time I lost glasses this way so hubby was pretty mad. He decided to give a spanking right there and then.

Well, while I was over his knee with my dress hiked up over my behind three bikers came riding by on the trail. Hubby didn't miss a beat, he just finished spanking me. Sorry no pictures. The bikers were amused to say the least. After hubby explained what I had done they agreed a spanking was in order.

jane007.jpg jane008.jpg jane009.jpg jane010.jpg jane011.jpg
jane012.jpg jane013.jpg jane014.jpg jane015.jpg jane016.jpg

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