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after subscribing to nip and fip for a couple of years, we've decided to submit some shots of my wife, laura, on our second wedding anniversary trip to miami, florida.

there are several of the required nip/fip sign holding shots, taken on our back porch with laura in her sheer red blouse. the miami picture submitted this time include some of her modeling her sheer white wicked weasel bikini on the pier, just north of haulover beach, one of the best clothing-optional beaches in the usa. also included are some shots of her showering off the salt water at an outdoor shower located in front of our hotel's bar. the clientelle were very appreciative.

we conducted several other photo shoots on this trip, some of which may be appropriate for this site. if there is sufficient interest, we will submit them at a later date.

laura and natureguy

laura001.jpg laura002.jpg laura003.jpg laura004.jpg laura005.jpg
laura006.jpg laura007.jpg laura008.jpg laura009.jpg laura010.jpg
laura011.jpg laura012.jpg laura013.jpg laura014.jpg laura015.jpg
laura016.jpg laura017.jpg laura018.jpg

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