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here are some more of laura being naughty in (and out of her) wicked weasel suit. many people have written to ask where these suits can be obtained, so here it is again: www.wickedweasel.com
they are an australian company that only deals through the internet. their suits are remarkably inexpensive (especially in the usa) due to the exchange rates. of course, there's very little material in them to make them expensive!!!! (less is more).

laura and i got to mazo early that morning and did the swimsuit shoot before too many people got there. i try not to shoot pictures at nude beaches where other people can get in the picture (in case they don't want to be nude on the internet), but there were a dozen other early beachgoers enjoying laura's performance! there is yet one more set from this trip coming next time. i may send another set from our first time at mazo after that. then, i hope do be finished with the california pictures!
laura and natureguy

laura277.jpg laura278.jpg laura279.jpg laura280.jpg laura281.jpg
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