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i've been swamped and haven't been able to either finish the california pictures, or even post!
here is a set of photos i shot of laura at cumberland falls state park in kentucky. this is a peaceful park with a pretty waterfall, and many hiking trails. fortunately, not many people were using the trails when we were here, labor day of 2000, so we had plenty of nude hiking possiblities. laura wore one of my favorite sheer dresses (also useable as a blouse for going to restaurants and other more public venues). highly recommended as a quiet, restful, romantic long weekend getaway!
i have more pictures from this trip already processed, so i will post them before the california pictures.

laura and natureguy

laura338.jpg laura339.jpg laura340.jpg laura341.jpg laura342.jpg
laura343.jpg laura344.jpg laura345.jpg laura346.jpg laura347.jpg
laura348.jpg laura349.jpg laura350.jpg laura351.jpg laura352.jpg
laura353.jpg laura354.jpg laura355.jpg laura356.jpg laura357.jpg
laura358.jpg laura359.jpg laura360.jpg

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