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hi, again!
wow, you guys are fast! i didn't expect to get that last batch in this week! (thanks, we are trying hard - webmaster)
well, here are the pictures of laura in the sheer red and black dress she was trying on in the shop from the last batch of pictures. we had lunch at the restaurant on the pier with laura wearing her black wicked weasel suit. then for dinner, we went to a fancy restaurant in a nearby hotel, that had a staircase that made a good background for a photo shoot. it also has a nice patio area that will be seen in the next batch.

laura and natureguy

laura388.jpg laura389.jpg laura390.jpg laura391.jpg laura392.jpg
laura393.jpg laura394.jpg laura395.jpg laura396.jpg laura397.jpg
laura398.jpg laura399.jpg laura400.jpg laura401.jpg laura402.jpg
laura403.jpg laura404.jpg

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