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here are some more pictures of my wife laura in miami. as i mentioned with the last batch of pictures, these were taken on our second wedding anniversary last may. we spent a short time in miami's haulover beach on our honeymoon, and had so much fun with her in her wicked weasel suits then, too that we felt it very necessary to do it again! i told the story of the honeymoon trip in the nip stories section last july (2000), so feel free to go back and read about it. we even repeated some of the shopping trip to downtown miami, this time in her black ww top and shorts. i'll upload some of those pictures in a future submission.

the first time laura wore these suits in public she was a bit nervous, but she really got into the feeling of being nearly nude in public and admired by passers-by. our hotel was a couple of miles from the nude portion of the beach, so we had a nice long walk to and from haulover. lots of people got to see her.

these pictures were taken on two seperate beaches near haulover beach in north miami. those taken in the sheer white bikini were taken just south of the pier shown in the last submission. the pictures in the "minimus" bikini were taken at haulover itself.

judging by the many responses we received already, i guess i'll be uploading even more!
laura and natureguy

laura019.jpg laura020.jpg laura021.jpg laura022.jpg laura023.jpg
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