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Here are a few photos. The first two were taken in a hotel at the ice machine. My blouse is rather see-through. The hotel was pretty busy and we passed several people in the hall on the way back to the room. We wanted to take more pictures, but after a few glasses of champagne, we never came out. A few weeks later we took a walk in a nearby neighborhood in the drizzle. Not many pictures came out. It was dusk, although it looks fairly dark in the picture where I'm leaning on the tree. A car was passing to the right of the picture and I think the headlights affected the exposure. In the second picture I decided to drop my raincoat off to the side and just stand in the sidewalk for this shot.
Hope you like these. I'm sure there will be more to follow.

renee001.jpg renee002.jpg renee003.jpg renee004.jpg renee005.jpg

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