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laura refuses to wear her bikni on such a great beach, in fact, she's threatening to not wear anything until we leave the beach and get back to civlization! who am i to argue???

since many of you requested some close ups, here are some zoomed in images along with the originals.

laura and natureguy

laura543.jpg laura544.jpg laura545.jpg laura546.jpg laura547.jpg
laura548.jpg laura549.jpg laura550.jpg laura551.jpg laura552.jpg
laura553.jpg laura554.jpg laura555.jpg laura556.jpg laura557.jpg
laura558.jpg laura559.jpg laura560.jpg laura561.jpg laura562.jpg
laura563.jpg laura564.jpg laura565.jpg laura566.jpg laura567.jpg
laura568.jpg laura569.jpg laura570.jpg laura571.jpg laura572.jpg
laura573.jpg laura574.jpg laura575.jpg

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