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hi, everybody!
we're back!

having bought our first house together last year, we've been too house poor to go anywhere until this past may when we returned to miami florida for our third wedding anniversary! we spent most of our time at haulover park, one of the only >legal< nude beaches in the "and of the free".

laura started out wearing her yellow see-through wicked weasel bikini, but prefered to be nude (as usual!). we also did some shopping and dining with her wearing some of her wicked weasel bandeau tops... lots of smiles appeared wherever we went... i don't know why.. ;-)
many more pictures to come!
laura and natureguy

laura609.jpg laura610.jpg laura611.jpg laura612.jpg laura613.jpg
laura614.jpg laura615.jpg laura616.jpg laura617.jpg laura618.jpg
laura619.jpg laura620.jpg laura621.jpg laura622.jpg laura623.jpg
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