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hi, everyone!
here's some more pictures of laura on (or about) our third wedding anniversary taken on miami beach mostly outside our hotel (not haulover beach this time). laura wore several of her wicked weasel bandeau tops this time.

in the first pictures we are on our way to and from having dinner at a local restaurant. then there are pictures of her playing in the surf in the wicked weasel.

she posed in yet another ww in the courtyard of our hotel, and then we took the bus to miami's southbeach to shop, wearing another ww bandeau top.

hope you enjoy!
laura and natureguy

laura674.jpg laura675.jpg laura676.jpg laura677.jpg laura678.jpg
laura679.jpg laura680.jpg laura681.jpg laura682.jpg laura683.jpg
laura684.jpg laura685.jpg laura686.jpg laura687.jpg laura688.jpg
laura689.jpg laura690.jpg laura691.jpg laura692.jpg laura693.jpg
laura694.jpg laura695.jpg laura696.jpg laura697.jpg laura698.jpg
laura699.jpg laura700.jpg laura701.jpg laura702.jpg laura703.jpg
laura704.jpg laura705.jpg laura706.jpg laura707.jpg laura708.jpg
laura709.jpg laura710.jpg laura711.jpg laura712.jpg laura713.jpg
laura714.jpg laura715.jpg laura716.jpg laura717.jpg laura718.jpg
laura719.jpg laura720.jpg laura721.jpg laura722.jpg laura723.jpg
laura724.jpg laura725.jpg laura726.jpg laura727.jpg laura728.jpg
laura729.jpg laura730.jpg laura731.jpg laura732.jpg laura733.jpg
laura734.jpg laura735.jpg laura736.jpg laura737.jpg laura738.jpg
laura739.jpg laura740.jpg laura741.jpg laura742.jpg laura743.jpg
laura744.jpg laura745.jpg laura746.jpg laura747.jpg laura748.jpg
laura749.jpg laura750.jpg laura751.jpg laura752.jpg laura753.jpg
laura754.jpg laura755.jpg laura756.jpg laura757.jpg laura758.jpg
laura759.jpg laura760.jpg

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