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here are some pictures from our honeymoon last year.

the topfree pictures and the ones of laura putting on her shorts were all taken at miami's south beach. the particuarly interesting fact about those pictures is that laura wore the yellow sheer top while we shopped around the city near south beach! i wish i'd taken some of her walking down the street in that top, displaying a great deal more of her best parts than she usually does in the city!
the other ones were taken either at the north beach hotel we stayed at or the beach in front of the hotel.

laura and natureguy

laura050.jpg laura051.jpg laura052.jpg laura053.jpg laura054.jpg
laura055.jpg laura056.jpg laura057.jpg laura058.jpg laura059.jpg
laura060.jpg laura061.jpg laura062.jpg laura063.jpg laura064.jpg
laura065.jpg laura066.jpg laura067.jpg laura068.jpg

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