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here's more of laura on north miami beach in her wicked weasels. the first set shows how wonderfully revealing these suits can be when wet. wicked weasel provides two two levels of sheerness, and this is as sheer as it gets! the weather was overcast this day, but she sure brightened it up for me and a lot of other lucky beachgoers.

the other set includes laura in her black sheer top (and shorts) at a wonderful mexican restaurant on miami's south beach. the waiters were very obsequious for some reason!!! ;-)
the last shots show laura in a sheer blue beach coverup that she likes to wear all by itself with nothing underneath. the pictures don't do her justice, unfortunately. in person it is very see-through, especially her breasts and bottom. she feels comfortable in public with this one because of a fortuitously located pattern that disguises her in front. one of my favorite poses for her is illustrated at the end of the set where she pulls it up over her head and looks through the sheer fabric!
hope you all find these pictures enjoyable as we did taking them!!!
laura and natureguy

laura069.jpg laura070.jpg laura071.jpg laura072.jpg laura073.jpg
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