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here's some more pictures of laura in miami.

there's not alot to say about these, except that she is wearing three other wicked weasel suits (www.wickedweasel.com for those that have asked where they are from ... no, we are just happy customers! ;-) )
lots of happy beachgoers got to watch laura change her suit top on the beach and the bottoms in the water (she holds them up to remind me that she's not wearing anything under there. this wasn't the nude section of the beach so she had to be a little careful!
there's more to come... thanx for the kind comments!
laura and natureguy

laura091.jpg laura092.jpg laura093.jpg laura094.jpg laura095.jpg
laura096.jpg laura097.jpg laura098.jpg laura099.jpg laura100.jpg
laura101.jpg laura102.jpg laura103.jpg laura104.jpg laura105.jpg
laura106.jpg laura107.jpg laura108.jpg laura109.jpg laura110.jpg
laura111.jpg laura112.jpg

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