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my name is monique and this is my first time. there is a parc not far from my home, where i like to go for a walk or a bit more excitement. at times, it's crowded, but at others there is practically nobody - well, you never know, you just have to take the chance.

i always wear a dress which buttons up in the front, because it's easy to take off. i've noticed most girls on your site have their pubes removed. my husband says the reason is since they want to show, they need to take away "everything". but that's a man's view. i'm sure most of the girls are hairless simply because they like the feeling of "the air going through them". that is what i am most keen of, this very special feeling that the wind is conveying the glances of unknown people into me.

picture #6 shows me running because i heard a noise ... that's also part of the fun.

if you want to leave me a message, please use this address: rpjb1234@yahoo.fr
best wishes

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