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hi everyone
well summers soon on the way so looking forward to it and it not being so cold, look at last set to see what i mean.

haven taken a few pics around and about back here, thanks for all the emails, great to hear from you, please keep them cumming, lets me know you like our pics.

we are still looking forward to hearing from people in the south east of the uk with venues to pose, or perhaps would like to have us pose for them.

email us at chrisnnicky692002@yahoo.com
chris and nicky

nicky049.jpg nicky050.jpg nicky051.jpg nicky052.jpg nicky053.jpg
nicky054.jpg nicky055.jpg nicky056.jpg nicky057.jpg nicky058.jpg
nicky059.jpg nicky060.jpg nicky061.jpg nicky062.jpg nicky063.jpg
nicky064.jpg nicky065.jpg

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