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There has not been any new contributions for a very long time, so me being a devoted fan had to take some for you!
Long time fan and member, me (Philip) has some more beautiful pictures for you. This is sexy Jordana! Presented to you, all, without any clothing at all. Here are a few photos of her in my bar! You may recognize it from my photo shoot with another beautiful girl. Well, Jordana really loves shooting and would like you to see more of here. I have more examples of her I will send to the contribution section soon. That's of course if you want more! And, maybe, just maybe, if the webmasters want, I can do more photo shoots with her for regular viewing!!!
Let me know what you guys think!! I think she looks pretty good!

Jordana001.jpg Jordana002.jpg Jordana003.jpg Jordana004.jpg Jordana005.jpg
Jordana006.jpg Jordana007.jpg Jordana008.jpg Jordana009.jpg Jordana010.jpg
Jordana011.jpg Jordana012.jpg Jordana013.jpg Jordana014.jpg

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