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please note: for obvious reasons we do not need the required pic to assure that the person in the pictures knows that she is posted on our sites in this case ... :)
i booked aniko shortly after her trip to prague (see the nip board) for a private shooting. that weekend i made a lot of pictures in fip, nip and euronudes style.
she is a very beautiful and nice girl and a great model. she was really enthusiastic doing the shooting and we had a lot of fun :-)
here a small selection.

the outdoor pics were made in the citycenter and near karlsruhe/germany.

aniko made a new outfit for one of ours disco visits -- see the picture....
....and the sexy outcome!
sorry for the discolored photo but it shows we were close to a busy road.

some cars drove slowly in order to get a better view ;-)
uwe "jacareca"

aniko001.jpg aniko002.jpg aniko003.jpg aniko004.jpg aniko005.jpg
aniko006.jpg aniko007.jpg aniko008.jpg aniko009.jpg aniko010.jpg
aniko011.jpg aniko012.jpg aniko013.jpg aniko014.jpg aniko015.jpg

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